BOY or GIRL? Kelly & Bryan's gender reveal will make your heart go BOOM

Kelly & Bryan, two that have been in my life since high school, both living life loving to put a smile on other’s faces. We found out last weekend that their family was growing bigger by another QUEEN! Smiles were all around for a healthy baby, but… something about little baby girls. Especially so when the momma-to-be’s family has a nack for shopping for CUTE clothes. Gotta lot of love for these 2 and here’s why!

Bryan has always been an incredible friend ... no matter which friend of his I was dating (AHA, had to-refer to my wedding video to fully get the LOL). This guy takes care of everyone he loves, friends are family, and the door has ALWAYS been OPEN. The first of all our friends to become a father, he was the most perfect for it! Although already surrounded by a strong girl squad that consisted of his Nana, Mom and Sister; Cali was the most perfect addition to it! Flash forward some years and Cali is the coolest, smartest, wittiest, most stylish and well behaved 7 year old I know. She has astonished me since a baby, starting with the way she scarfed down her first bite of Rita’s Italian Ice (yep, her father), to now, the little human she has become so thoughtful and considerate (yep, again her father). You know this guy stood next to my husband as his best man the day we said I do (Bryan was also the only one there for the proposal), and no doubt he would be the perfect guy for our own daughter to call GODFATHER. This guy treats his girls like his Queens, but also teaches them to be strong, independent and BAD ASS.

KELLY (capitalized because this girl injects you with a smile when she is around...and is also loud) has always had some much love for everyone. Although we may have swapped boo’s in high school, that didn’t stop the magnetizing force that drew us to a friendship jam packed with belly laughs, milestone moments, and everything in between. This girl is going to be an amazing momma to her baby girl. How do I know? She has been the glue, stepping in as the perfect step mother to Cali. She knows all the craziest hacks, makes every holiday special, goes all out for a costume, and gives THE MOST THOUGHTFUL gifts of anyone I know. She goes above and certainly beyond. Cali looks up to her in so many ways, you can see it even in these photos... You can see a lot in these photos of the kind of family this girl is part of, both as a daughter and as the mother ...and if you haven’t seen the reveal, she uses a .300 wsm to blow up some tannerite… can you say BAD ASS? Seriously, she packs the heat. I am so happy for this girl to have this Mother’s Day be a little more special!

SOOO, when Kelly asked us if we wanted to come to the reveal, and for me to capture the moment… we said DUH! 6ft (or so) apart, from the car, wherever, WE WOULD BE THERE!

We are so so so so excited to meet baby girl in September and even more excited for their entire family!

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