COVID Wedding Couples, love always wins

May 16, 2020 was supposed to be Madison and Eric's wedding day, but like many other couples, the day was nothing like it should have been.

So many plans, loads of mula, SO MUCH EXCITEMENT and I'm sure extreme thought was put into these weddings. A day the bride envisioned only her ENTIRE life shut down just like that. Some only weeks (or even days) out from this day, and others, a couple months out with no idea how to plan accordingly. I can only imagine that the frustration is through the roof!

For Madison and Eric, COVID isn't just effecting their wedding, it's effecting almost every aspect of their life! Maddie is a nurse, taking care of positive or potentially positive patients. She and Eric just moved into a new apartment as well! Another day that should be filled of excitement, exhaustion and pride turned to frustration, depression and sadness. They had a heck of a time finding furniture, lighting and other small fun things to fill their new humble abode! COVID (excuse my language mama) is shitting on all aspects of Madison's life right now, even looking the devil itself in the eyes everyday at work.

While I'm sure there were and are many tears to be cried, Madison is one strong gal with the most supportive fiance (ALMOST HUBBY, GAH!) behind her, and family and friends for days that want to see a smile on her face.

So what really shines through in all of this negativity?... LOVE. In so many forms. Couples, I am not in your shoes, I do not know how it feels, but I know one thing and this is that love always wins and always finds a way! These unchartered waters are probably bringing on the some of the "or for worse" already, as if wedding planning wasn't already a crash course in navigating wavy waters, COVID puts a whole new spin on this. Just know, it's okay if you and your hunny don't agree on things. Compromise, choosing your battles, and putting yourself in your significant other's shoes is the key to understanding.

So what are Madison an Eric doing about their big day? It is postponed until July, knowing that day could be another let down as well, Maddie is just taking things day by day. She is still keeping faith that she and Eric can wed in front of their family and friends at her fairytale wedding.

Are you a bride or groom for 2020? What are your fears, set backs, and solutions to this devastating event?

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