How I fell in love with photography

My obsession with taking photos started truly in probably about middle school. I had a Nikon coolpix camera and took it everywhere, football games, softball weekends, and sleepovers. 

I made photo slideshows for legit everything! I was obsessed with just capturing a story… a softball team, graduating class, wedding… anything. And I still do! No matter the quality of the photo or video, I put them together with a significant song and in a strategic order so that the story creates a feeling… to really tell the story.

I’m obsessed with taking photos of moments and looking back at them. It is so amazing to look back on photos taken. And I especially love when my parents or mother-in-law share old photos! Obviously I’m a visual person, but a picture just instantly takes me back to that moment in time...even if I have never been there.

In high school, I took desktop publishing, a class where we used Photoshop to make a magazine cover, our own Wheaties box, and more! This is where I fell in love with not just Photoshop but designing and laying things out. I also took digital photography 1 & 2 where I learned the basics of operating and handling a camera.

Graphic design was my main focus in college, but my sophomore year of college I received a Nikon D3200 for my birthday. I used it mostly to document an occasion but my very first time taking photos of someone was my friend from school Ashley and her newborn baby! I think from there I had taken a few seniors’ photos and eventually got asked to do a friend of a friend’s wedding!

I can honestly tell you, for the first couple years I didn’t shoot out of auto. I really focused on the composition, or what was actually in the image. When riding in the car, I would visually take snapshots in my head and could see and plan where my crop would be. I’ve done this since I was little! So while I had an “eye” I had no clue of the basics of my actual camera.

After my wedding in 2017 I really took my downtime to self study. I completely emerged myself into photography. I listened to podcasts, watched Youtube videos, read books, and PRACTICED! You want to know why I self taught?... I did the whole college course thing and quite honestly, I took some classes where I learned NOTHING technique wise. I learned alot conceptionally at college, which totally helps me dive deeper into what I do rather than just technique.  Also, I’m a why person, I have to know why, so I just sat down and started asking google and Youtube all my why’s and how's about photography!

From then on I have really seen my photography develop… (see what I did there)! I’m constantly still learning and will continue to learn as my work evolves with each photo session I do!

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