2020 Recap. How my first year in official business went!

While I have been photographing families for about 4 years prior as a hobby & a little side hustle, I officially went into business in January of 2020. At the time I had a full time job in advertising, but ideally the goal was to make Sunshine Studio my full time job.

My first couple of sessions in official business included newborn Owen, headshots of Jess & Valentine’s Day photos of my own daughter and our close friends‘ kiddos.

Soon after, Covid-19 hit. Not only did it hault my spring photo season, but I also temporarily had gotten laid off from my full time job. ”Temporarily” turned all of summer, going into fall and then until Jan 2021. I knew the universe was telling me now is time to do Sunshine Studio full throttle.

Summer 2020 into Fall made up for closing the books in spring due to Covid. I got the opportunity to catch up with some returning clients, friends and their families, as well as meeting many new ones! I got to witness a gender reveal (of a near and dear family of ours), 2 first time expecting mommas, a kindergarten graduation, 4 first birthday sessions, 3 marriages, 6 newborns & so many amazing families. Not kidding, it’s what my soul needed, a distraction from what was really going on with the world. While I wanted to just squeeze everyone, I kept as much distance as possible and wore my mask.

Sometime in early September a great friend of mine reached out with an AMAZING job opportunity. I interviewed and got the job as a content creator , photographing and designing content for Axe & Sledge Supplements, American Made Nutrition, All American Roughneck, and K-Pow Nutrition. Behind this company I shortly learned were 4 amazing HWMF's (Hard Working Mother Fuckers...if you know you know), their families and an incredible team of people.

Catching up with editing photos as well as continuing to shoot the sessions (and mini sessions) I had previously scheduled on the weekends and after work quickly became overwhelming & seemingly impossible to deliver in a reasonable timeframe. I’m relieved to be able to say I was able to deliver all family photos and holiday sessions before the holidays. I still have some galleries to finish up and deliver but the pressure and stress has significantly decreased. My clients (that I call all friends) have been the most understanding & patient & I cannot thank them enough! I also need to give a HUGE shoutout to my husband and daughter for being (& continuing) to be so patient during all of this. The late nights, lack of dishes and laundry being done surely took a toll on all of us, but they keep me going! This quickly made me realize that perhaps doing Sunshine Studio full time would take away my love for capturing all of your stories, that it would take the fun away, trying to schedule enough sessions to help keep my family good. Again I felt a shift that the universe was sending me in, to keep Sunshine Studio as my "side hustle" but more importantly a passionate hobby, and to dive into my new career path. Being present with my family & spending time with them is the most important to me. Secondly is a job that I love, to keep us living this beautiful life my family and I live. My new job with Axe and Sledge, American Made Nutrition, All American Roughneck, and K-Pow has been such a blessing. My coworkers are AMAZING, my bosses even more, and I love being part of something bigger than just me.

While 2020 was an overall SHIT year for everyone.. the loss, the uncertainty, the scary, I am very humbled to say that 2020 was an impactful year for Sunshine Studio. It surely pushed me, motivated me, humbled me, and opened up my eyes to a lot of things. And as this year has made us all change the way we do things, going into 2021 I am changing up the way I do things A BIT! More information as well as my price changes will be shared soon with you all. In short, I will only be shooting every couple months, and monthly in the summer. I will release the date and location similarly to the way you would book a mini session. If you can't make that date, look for the next month's shoot day. I know this isn't ideal for everyone and their schedules, however it's the most ideal for mine.

So here's to 2020, yes I said it! Here's to 2020 for shaping us all, but bring the hell on 2021, hopefully a much better year for us all.

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