This family dynamic blew me away

I've have been photographing kiddos and their families now for about 4 years, and this past year, consistently as my love for photography blossomed from a hobby to a small business. I have a passion for photographing kids but it's never as easy as the photos may look. While bubbles and weird noises may amuse some, some kids are a lot more hesitant to immediately let me play and laugh with them... and who can blame them!

I've known Deidre and Mike since middle school and with these two, there was never a dull moment. They both individually are amazing humans; Mike, a huge teddy bear and an amazing people-person, and Deidre, the sweetest gal, with the best giggle and contagious smile. Catching up with them is always a treat! I first caught up with them, getting to meet their oldest, Audrey, 2 years ago for her 3rd birthday session. Audrey at 3, was a little shy, but the best listener and super photogenic!!! It was hard not to notice the love in both Deidre and Mike's voices when they spoke to her, the way Mike helped fix her hair, or the way Audrey looked at her mother.

Stepping back into this crazy world to capture your stories, I was excited as ever! I kicked off the summer with a pre-k graduation class that actually included Audrey! 2 years later and how can this girl get sweeter!? Cause she did! The following week Deidre had booked with me to capture the 3 of them and 2 more additions to their family I had yet to meet! I'm not going to lie, leading up to their session I was a little anxious to be able to capture all 3 of their girls, Hailey, just over 1, and Demi, just over a month old. That's a lot of moving parts, not just for me, but for mom and dad too! And I had just done a 1st birthday session the week before where the birthday boy wanted nothing to do with me. I know too, that newborns can be tricky to get comfortable, especially at a location other than home.

My anxiousness melted away as the 5 of them made their way up the hill to me. They were on time and cool as cucumbers! The approach can sometimes be an indicator if any tensions are high, and the littles can sense that, starting things off a little off.. if you will. Not the case for these guys. Deidre had the girls in normal clothes and brought all their outfits separately as she wasn't sure where were we would start and with whom. This was just the beginning of smart mama moves! Mom and Dad brought Hailey, the one year old, a simple yet, seemingly one of her favorite things, duplo blocks! Yet another smart move! It is the little things people! Audrey blew her individuals out of the park and was so gentle, patient and kind to her little baby sisters! She will be the best mommy one day! Hailey was seriously such a bliss to photograph, all it took was Mike to stand behind me to get her to look... a true daddy's girl! Demi, the newborn baby girl was content in her carrier and was calm for her close ups, only to make a little fuss when she wanted a snack... and understandably so girlfriend, it was dinner time! Deidre spoke to all girls and her fiance softly and kindly. LIKE HOW can she be so calm, I have one and sometimes loose my SH!T. (My daughter's 1st birthday session was close to a nightmare!) This really just resonated with me, the love and patience she had. Not to mention how smoking hot she looked ONE MONTH POSTPARTUM! Mike is always super involved, helping, guiding, suggesting, and so present. A true and loving GIRL DAD. Audrey, Hailey, and Demi are 3 lucky girls with the most caring parents and families behind and raising them. This session, these photos, are the most genuine and the definition of family I have ever captured.

I leave every session, excited to go home to see what was captured and with a smile on my face, but I left this one with so much love in my heart... it was magical. This family dynamic was incredible to witness.

Here are some (not close to all) of their session with me!

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